Stock Selection
Made Easy

A Winning Investment Strategy

The DIVIDEND SNAPSHOT SCREENERS can simplify your investing strategy by letting you quickly find the stocks you need.

If you want to find the best opportunity within a sector, just filter on that sector. If you want long-term dividend growth, filter on the growth and consecutive dividend increases.

Selecting a stock to invest in has never been this easy.

Built For Dividend Investors

Don’t miss the opportunity to TAKE ACTION with the DIVIDEND SNAPSHOT SCREENERS.

Over $1M of my dividend portfolio is managed using the DIVIDEND SNAPSHOT SCREENERS. I always consult the list first! I filter and sort to make the best purchase that fits my portfolio.

Not everyone should buy the same stock! That’s why you need a broad and thorough list to filter.


The Dividend Snapshot method for stock selection is one of the easiest to use that I have come across.  Having my choices boiled down to just a couple of the best possibilities from a predefined list of top dividend growers on the market makes choosing my next dividend growth investment as easy as I can imagine.  I love it, and most of all, I like the free time it gives me since I don’t need to spend a couple of hours searching for the next place to put any spare change I have. So glad I came across such an intelligent approach to investing. Thank you very much for a great service!

Steve – A Happy Investor